The outlook of next ten years

Omran Arikeh

Attitude of this company is optimized using of all capacities and setting up and vivificate different and divers work fields below, in next ten years:

▪ Construction department:

Managers of this department seriously believe that development of construction department  will be great help for producing occupation of iran and we will end eavour in next ten years on special, high quality, high level and exclusive construction projects.

On this goal, we will consider international look out and cosmopolitan communication for accessing intended technologies and techniques.

We hope that according to planned accomplishment, see quantitative and qualitative innovation close to interior and international measurements for achieving drawn goals.

▪ production department:

This department’s goals are in targeting of managers of this company even in interior and international stagnation conditions.

Our point of view in production is participating in different fields of production and using software technologies and management experiences.

We believe that we shouldn’t have minimalistic view in production field. And we know that where there is a wish, there is a way.

In this department we will have special look to industry.

▪ investment department:

The most important part of each company in private sector is investment department. Talents and creativity appear in this field. Our plan in next ten years is powerful presence in different fields of investment, including insurance, bank, bourse and each section that have significant potential.

As it is clear in our targeting, we are in search for our activity development in construction, production and investment departments.

We are doing this principle with programming, annual goals and accurate observation.

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Omran Arikeh Group’s presence at the 3rd International Shipping and Related Industries Exhibition (Dec 97)

From here, all stakeholders and transport and investment activists from the interior and exterior are invited to participate in the booth of this group to get acquainted, reunite and interact and exchange the latest achievements. Address: Tehran Mosalli, Main Nursery


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