ICT - Information and Communication Technology

In today’s world, the use of ICT tools has become a vital requirement for business management and control.

Succeeding in construction, industrial and manufacturing projects is far from being used without the benefit of IT systems
For this reason, we decided on Omran arikeh to implement a dynamic and efficient system of ICT as a leading and project-based hub by providing all kinds of hardware and software.

Support for the line of all users and experts and the use of all communication and information systems is one of the most basic Omran Arikeh ICT services. Creating a secure and efficient network for connecting different parts of the company regardless of the distance dimension is one of these measures.

ICT infrastructure

  • Use the best and most up-to-date network communication equipment
  • Establishing network and power infrastructure using the best equipment of the day
  • Use the CISCO switches in layers 2 and 3
    Control network traffic using MicroTik routers
  • Link offices and projects to the central office through the intranet on secure space
  • Manage your Internet users account
  • Internal telephone connection between projects using VOIP technology
  • Use HP’s powerful servers
  • Virtualization via VMware
  • Use of NAS hard disks in all projects and subsidiaries
  • Applying from the Symantec Veritas Backup Exec Backup Management System
  • Guaranteed data security at all levels
  • Applying the Panda Adaptive Defense 360 ​​anti-virus and panda software for all users
  • Enjoy over 200 computers with upgraded hardware
  • Technical management, updating and maintenance of hardware and software
  • Creating an Accurate and Safe Entrance for Project Accounting and Payroll Systems.
  • Design and implementation of warehouse software
  • Access to all information systems outside the headquarters
  • Use UPS at the headquarters
  • Uninterruptible power supply in projects using generators
  • Voice communication Via the VOIP system
  • Use Chargon Office Automation Software
  • Use MailServer to send and receive email

Create a database of projects including:

  • Project general information
  • Levels of sections
  • Materials used
  • Infrastructure systems and equipment
  • Methods of implementation
  • Estimated Costs
  • Problems and experiences
  • And…
  • Use of human resource management system and personnel functions