CEO’s speech:

Accessing development is each country’s desire and target. Specially in developing countries.

The operational field of development is inside the country and foreign causes are stimulus.

Using international potential capacity, specially with countries having good reputation in technological, technical and economical relationship in bilateral and multilateral contracts has specific importance.

The most important fund of each society is manpower. Our country is full of natural human talents.

I believe that development of country is directly depends on this human talents. The most important background of it, is educating expert, undertaking and creative human power.

In our country private sector is not old as industrial countries, but it has good sources.

We believe that with combination of whole talents, wisdom, rationality, perseverance etc, we can do our best.

Achiving long targets and accessing them, without gaining experiences and having hardships is impossible.

Our target is employer satisfaction and performing projects with high quality and at the international standard level, with logical cost and minimum time.

Our history represents youth endeavor and it is craft of creative and committed youth of this country.

As it is clear in our activity history, I was intent in presencing developmental, productive and investment fields and according to this target, I had cooperation with other similar interior and international fields in format of consortium and bilateral and multilateral cooperations.

And now this complex with brilliant background and international quality certificates and gaining modern managing and executive software systems, with professional and committed staff is ready for participating in different interior and international projects and finishing monopolized projects.

According to the above targets, this complex is ready for employing expert youth of this country according to complex’s politics.



Amir Hossein Sadeghi

CEO and chairman of the board